90ml (2019) Song Lyrics

90 எம்எல் (2019) பாடல் வரிகள்

90ml (2019)
Movie Name
90ml (2019)
Movie Name (in Tamil)
90 எம்எல்
Oviya, Anson Paul, Masoom Shankar, Monisha Ram, Shree Gopika
01 March 2019

Thamarai (Bommu Lakshmi) and her husband Sathish (Tej Raj) visit a drug rehabilitation center for a counseling session with a psychologist named Dr. Priyadarshini (Devadarshini), but Sathish, who is a rowdy, walks out with haste.

Thamarai then starts to narrate how Rita (Oviya) moved to their apartment, where she mingles with the neighbors Kajal (Masoom Shankar), Paru (Shree Gopika), Suganya (Monisha Ram), and Thamarai. One day, Rita notices Thamarai crying and gets to know that it is her birthday and that her husband was not even aware of it, but she decides to throw a party at a terrace, where they all drink beer and open up their personal lives. They go to Tasmac, where Sathish comes and picks them up. Later, Thamarai and Sathish cozy up relationship and have sex, but he warns her to never meet her drunkard friends.

Eventually after sometimes, they all meet in Rita's house as Suganya asked for a party where she goes mad, but she reveals that her lover Chris is getting married at Pondicherry. They all go there, kidnap the couple, and bring them to Suganya — she runs and hugs the bride, leaving everyone in shock. They end up in a police station, where they are sent off with a warning. Rita's boyfriend at Sathish have a small scuffle.

Later, Rita's boyfriend Venky (Anson Paul) agrees for marriage, which she declines, and they break up. They all meet up with Suganya and her partner, where they decided to switch to cannabis from drinks. They seek help of two single youths to get weed, but they are chased by cops. They endup in a crossfire between Sathish and his rivalry gang, but he saves them.

Kajal then tells that her husband has an affair. They all go there and make ridicule of him, and Paru says that she has not consummated her marriage. She confronts her husband, and he tells that he was in love with another girl and was forced into marriage, so they decide to divorce.

Finally, Thamarai cries out and seeks her friends' help to free Sathish from his bald boss. They all go to his hideout, fight the henchmen, and hold the boss at gunpoint, while Sathish comes to save him.

Later, they all are partying (again), where a guy says to her lover that he does not believe in marriage; he is not anyone's property, and they breakup. They all watch him and suggest that he is more like Rita. She walks to him gives him a lip lock.