Aadhi (2006) Song Lyrics

ஆதி (2006) பாடல் வரிகள்

Aadhi (2006)
Movie Name
Aadhi (2006)
Movie Name (in Tamil)
Vijay, Trisha Krishnan
15 January 2006

The opening scene shows Anjali (Trisha Krishnan) in white, like an angel, sitting on a white bench feeding a white pigeon by a calm ocean and a police officer (Devan) coming and sitting by her side and exchanging pleasantries and suddenly she whips out a knife and kills him saying that she has been waiting for this moment for many years.

After that, the movie moves to Aadhi (Vijay) who lives with his foster parents (Manivannan & Seetha) in New Delhi. He takes up a course in a Chennai college against his parents' wishes, while he is actually on mission to eliminate the people behind the murder of his blood family.

Similarly Anjali studying in the same college has her own agenda to seek revenge on her parents' killers, and she is assisted by her uncle (Nassar). Soon Aadhi falls in love with Anjali, as she brings back memories of his childhood sweetheart and cousin who loved to dance in the rain.

In a shocking flashback, it is revealed that Anjali and Aadhi were from the same family. Aathi's biological father (Prakash Raj) was an honest cop who arrested one of the henchmen of a local gangster, RDX (Sai Kumar). To strike back at Aadhi's father who refuses to release his henchmen, he pays them a visit with some of his henchmen and the police officer Anjali murdered earlier in the film and murders their whole extended family. Only Anjali, her uncle and Aadhi survived the blast that annihilated their family.

Together, they combine forces to get revenge on RDX. The climax shows a battle between Aadhi and RDX, in which Aadhi kills RDX.