Aadhi Bhagavan (2013) Song Lyrics

ஆதி பகவன் (2013) பாடல் வரிகள்

Aadhi Bhagavan (2013)
Movie Name
Aadhi Bhagavan (2013)
Movie Name (in Tamil)
ஆதி பகவன்
Jayam Ravi, Neetu Chandra, Sudha Chandran
Yuvan Shankar Raja
22 February 2013

The film begins in a City in andhra pradesh, where the CBI raid a rich local politician's house. The Chief Officer is shown to be Jayam Ravi, who orders to seize all the items that were found illegal. The politician is arrested, but he requests to come to the CBI office in his own car. It is Later revealed that, No CBI raid was planned on his house, and all that happened was a hoax. The Politician gets angry and orders to hunt down the men who cheated him in the name of CBI. Aadhi, Jayam Ravi, is a gangster, specialised in Drug and Arms dealing. The Hoax CBI raid was one of his mission to loot the politicians. Aadhi is living alone, as his Mom and Sister are Angry with him for being a Gangster. As it goes, Aadhi meets Karishma, (Neetu Chandra), a beautiful hotel Waitress, who often gets humiliated by her boss. Aadhi falls for her, and Saves her and takes her home to be with him. During a Drug deal, Aadhi is being attacked and he is shot. Karishma saves him, treats his wounds and saves his life. Aadhi plans to leave to Mumbai, where he gets attacked in the airport, and it is revealed that Karishma is a part of the criminal gang that was trying to kill Aadhi. Then Aadhi is taken Hostage, where another victim says the true story about Charisma. Her name is not Karishma at all, but she is Rani, the right hand and partner in crime of a very Powerful,Cruel,ruthless, Feminine charactered criminal named Bhagavan Alias Mumbai Bhagavan, Jayam Ravi, who looks exactly like Aadhi. Bhagavan is a very Feminine charactered guy, who loves to wear make up and walk, talk and do everything like a girl. But he still has a weakness for good looking girls. Bhagavan does so many jobs for his customers, which include murder,robbery, and kidnap . At one such instance, Bhagavan gets angry by the behavior of a politician's cousin and murders him. The politician gets angry and promises to get Bhagavan murdered. As the politician is much powerful than Bhagavan, he goes into hiding. But the Politician makes the search very intense and is very keen to get Bhagavan. So Arumugam, comes to know about Aadhi, who resembles Bhagavan. So she traps him and makes him fall into her plan, so that he can be substituted as Bhagavan, who the politician wants to take revenge. In the climax, Aadhi kills Karishma and Bhagavan brutally. The film ends with Aadhi leaving the place while Bhagavan also moving away from the place which indicates that Bhagavan is alive and film also hints for sequel.