Aan Paavam (1985) Song Lyrics

ஆண் பாவம் (1985) பாடல் வரிகள்

Aan Paavam (1985)
Movie Name
Aan Paavam (1985)
Movie Name (in Tamil)
ஆண் பாவம்
Pandiyan, Pandiarajan, Seetha, Revathi, V. K. Ramasamy, Janagaraj
27 December 1985

Pandian and Pandiarajan are two notorious sons of the village cinema theater owner V. K. Ramasamy. Pandian goes to a neighbouring village to see a girl as arranged by his father towards his marriage and ends up in the wrong house. Coincidentally, those in the wrong house are also expecting a lad to see their daughter on the same time and the same day. Contrary to real time arranged marriages, Pandian goes to see the girl totally un-aided by parents, relatives and friends. Nevertheless, he takes a liking to the girl, Seetha and decides to marry her. Seetha likes the lad and decides to accept the proposal.

Meanwhile, Seetha's marriage broker shows up and clarifies that Pandian was supposed to have gone to see some other girl but ended up in the wrong house. Hearing this, Pandian, Seetha and Seetha's parents seem disappointed. Pandian's father fixes dates for her marriage to the girl originally chosen for him — Revathi, a school teacher's daughter. Pandian's adamance to marry Seetha causes a strange turn of events. Pandiyarajan, the younger brother, finally marries Revathi while Pandian ties the knot with this love Seetha.