Aathmaa (1993) Song Lyrics

ஆத்மா (1993) பாடல் வரிகள்

Aathmaa (1993)
Movie Name
Aathmaa (1993)
Movie Name (in Tamil)
Goutami, Kasthuri Ramki, Raghuman, Vichitra
30 July 1993

Raghu (Rahman), an atheist archaeologist, and his father (Vijayachander) went to an isolated village for research. During the research, his father disappears mysteriously and Raghu finds out a strange prophecy : God will come to earth on Purnima day at the Nagakali Amman temple and the people who will submerge completely under the waterfall near the Nagakali Amman temple will be cured of any disease. His colleague Pathma (Vinodhini) informs her blind friend Divya (Gouthami) who is journalist and the news reaches the public. Pathma is in love with Naveen (Riyaz Khan), who is in the final stages of cancer. Soon, an atheist terrorist group, lead by Saravanan (Ramki), try to destroy the temple. Saravanan has a tragic past : his sister and his brother-in-law were a devotee who were brutally killed by the temple's donor. In the meantime, the police officer Hari (Nassar), Divya's brother, is charged with eradicating the terrorist group. Pathma believes in this prophecy, so she gets married to Naveen and takes him to the temple. Divya compels Hari to come with him to restore her sight and he agrees to do so. Few days before the God's arrival, the Nagakali Amman temple is overcrowded. A race against the clock starts.