Amaran (1992) Song Lyrics

அமரன் (1992) பாடல் வரிகள்

Amaran (1992)
Movie Name
Amaran (1992)
Movie Name (in Tamil)
Karthik, Bhanupriya, Radha Ravi
15 January 1992

Amaran (Karthik), a orphan child, is brought up by a man (Vijayakumar) who he saved. The man died, his wife brought up him and Amaran grows to become a kind-hearted slum king. Later he had to face a gangster(Aandava Perumal) in TamilNadu who has a brutal past. Amaran later comes to know that Aandava Perumal killed his family when he was a child. Before he could take revenge, he was almost beaten to death and he escapes to Goa. He was taken care by a underworld Don and continues to work for him for a while and gets married to Sivagaami (Bhanupriya).
He then leaves to Tamil Nadu to take revenge on Aandava Perumal, his entry scene on the street is a class. As Aandava Perumal quotes in the movie that "loss will be on both sides if we clash", killing happens on both Amaran's family, Aandava Perumal's family & their loyalties. At the end of the movie Karthik scores with his expressive acting while killing Aandava Perumal by repeatedly saying that, "he shouldn't have killed his son".