Maaveeran (2023) Song Lyrics

மாவீரன் (2023) பாடல் வரிகள்

Maaveeran (2023)
Movie Name
Maaveeran (2023)
Movie Name (in Tamil)
Sivakarthikeyan, Aditi Shankar
Bharath Sankar
14 July 2023

A comic artist, Sathya sells himself short by letting someone use his sketches for a Tamil paper. He doesn’t have it in him to demand money or an opportunity from the one exploiting him. Nila, the sub-editor of the paper, ends up standing up for Sathya and gets him a job. Meanwhile, Sathya and others living in a slum are made to relocate to a multi-storey apartment as part of the government scheme. Things get worse when things in the apartment start falling apart, literally, by the complex on loose soil. The subpar construction makes the apartment inhospitable but people are left with no option. While Sathya’s mother keeps revolting against the contractor, the son keeps telling her to ‘adjust’. He instead uses all his troubles to create content for his comic Maaveeran, a superhero who solves all the problems of the oppressed. But when he realizes even his mom considers him unfit to live a respectful life, Sathya tries to take his life. Though he fails in doing this as well, he sustains an injury to his head, and he starts hearing a voice.

With the new voice taking precedent to Sathya's actions, he acts on the voice's suggestions to make decisions in his life, ranging from minute decisions to major plot points. He eventually due to the suggestions of the voice, is led to a conflict with a politician Jeyakkodi, who was the brains behind the relocation of the former slum dwellers, to boost his political reputation. Sathya and the other dwellers of the new accommodation continually endure problems with the issues of the new constructions from wall cavings, leaking ceilings to major cracks which cannot be fitted by patch works. Sathya on the actions of the suggestions of the voice, becomes a public figure who's directly in opposition to Jeyakkodi. The plot follows how Sathya resolves the conflict with Jeyakkodi and how he saves the people from an imminent disaster of the building collapsing on itself.