RRR (2022) Song Lyrics

RRR (2022) பாடல் வரிகள்

RRR (2022)
Movie Name
RRR (2022)
Movie Name (in Tamil)
N. T. Rama Rao Jr., Ram Charan, Ajay Devgn, Alia Bhatt
M. M. Keeravani
25 March 2022

n 1920, British Governor Scott and his wife Catherine visit a forest in Adilabad and forcefully take away Malli, a young girl with a gift for singing, from the Gond tribe. The tribe's protector Komaram Bheem tracks her down to Delhi, disguising himself as a Muslim in search of her. The Nizamate of Hyderabad warns Scott's office about Bheem's mission. Police officer A. Rama Raju volunteers to catch Bheem in order to get a promotion. He attends a meeting of independence activists and proposes to assassinate Scott. Bheem's aide Lachhu asks Ram to join them. However, he flees after realizing that Ram is a police officer.

Ram and Bheem coincidentally meet, working together to save a boy caught in a train crash. They bond with each other while hiding their original identity. Ram helps Bheem to get close to Scott's niece Jenny. Bheem visits the governor's palace on Jenny's invitation, where he silently meets Malli and assures her rescue. Ram captures Lachhu, torturing him in vain to find information about Bheem. Lachhu gets hold of a banded krait snake and throws it onto Ram. Lacchu warns Ram that its bite will quickly kill him without antivenom, known only to the Gond people. Ram finds his way to Bheem, who treats him and confesses his true identity and mission to him. Bheem and his men break into the palace with a truck full of wild animals. Ram arrives as an officer and confronts Bheem who fights him off and attempts to rescue Malli. Ram stops him while Scott holds Malli hostage at point-blank range, forcing Bheem to surrender.

In a flashback, Ram's father, Venkata Ramaraju, is shown to be a rebel who sacrificed his life fighting the British. Ram promised a dying Venakata that he would deliver guns to everyone taking part in the rebellion, and then infiltrated the colonial police in an attempt to secure those weapons. Ram is promoted for capturing Bheem, who is sentenced to death via public execution. During a brutal public flogging session conducted by Ram, Scott offers Bheem mercy if he kneels and recants his crimes but Bheem refuses despite being heavily injured. He sings a defiant song that inspires a popular uprising. Ram is informed that he will be placed in charge of a large arms shipment, granting him the opportunity to steal a large amount of British guns. However, Ram feels guilty and decides to use the opportunity to save Bheem and Malli instead. He asks Scott to execute Bheem on the outskirts of the city, during which he stages an ambush. Scott recognizes this ploy and injures Ram. Bheem frees himself and fights the remaining guards while Ram shoots and kills a guard menacing Malli. Misinterpreting this to be an attack, Bheem knocks out Ram and escapes with Malli.

A few months later, Bheem and his men are hiding in Hathras. When British soldiers arrive looking for Bheem, Sita, Ram's cousin and fiancée, senses the danger and drives away the British by telling them that the building is housing smallpox patients. She tells Bheem that Ram now faces a death sentence for saving his best friend. Bheem regrets his actions and promises Sita that he will rescue Ram. Bheem sneaks into the barracks with the help of blueprints given by Jenny. He frees Ram from the prison, mounting him on his shoulders to transport him. Together, they fight the police and escape. As Bheem treats Ram in the woods, they are ambushed by police and special forces soldiers. Ram takes a bow and arrows from a shrine of Lord Rama and retaliates. Bheem joins him with a spear. They fight off the soldiers and head towards the palace, eventually destroying the building by blasting a motorcycle into a room full of TNT. Bheem retrieves a massive cache of guns and delivers them to Ram. Catherine is killed in the chaos while Scott is killed by Ram and Bheem. They reunite with Sita, Jenny, and their allies. Ram promises to educate Bheem. Ram returns to his village and delivers the weapons, fulfilling his promise, while Bheem returns to his hamlet, reuniting Malli with her mother.