Sarpatta Parambarai (2021) Song Lyrics

சார்பட்டா பரம்பரை (2021) பாடல் வரிகள்

Sarpatta Parambarai (2021)
Movie Name
Sarpatta Parambarai (2021)
Movie Name (in Tamil)
சார்பட்டா பரம்பரை
Santhosh Narayanan
22 July 2021

Kabilan, is a young worker at the Madras Port, who has a passion for boxing, and wanted to become a prominent boxer like his father Munirathnam. But his mother Bakkiyam, refuses his claims to become a boxer, as Munirathnam eventually became a thug, running errands for politicians, and was killed; Bakkiyam feared that his son may face the same fate if he gets involved in boxing. Due to his mother's displeasure towards boxing, he was also dissed by Rangan Vaathiyar, a prominent boxer and an ardent supporter of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) as Kabilan could not train under his guidance. But however Kevin (Daddy), whom Bakkiyam works for, has supported Kabilan's passion.

During 1975, when the 18-month emergency period was imposed in India, Rangan Vaathiyar managed to host a boxing tournament between the Sarpatta and Idiyappan clans, due to DMK's stand against Indira Gandhi and their laws.[5] At that tournament, Sarpatta clan faced a massive failure after Meeran, who was the mainboard boxer of that clan, was defeated by Vembuli, who was one of the powerful and talented boxers representing the Idiyappa clan. Displeasured by the defeat, Rangan announced that he may bring up a prominent boxer to defeat Vembuli in the following match, and was also advised that the clan may be banished from the forthcoming tournaments if they face defeat. Rangan Vaathiyar announced that Raman, an amateur boxer will battle against Vembuli, much to the disapproval of the other clan members. But he was dissatisfied by Raman's performance in the sessions, which led Raman to practice against the guidance of a trainer from Karnataka, saying that his methodologies were outdated. He also spoke ill of Rangan Vaathiyar during that session. Kabilan, who hears of it, asks Raman to have a sparring match between them and Kabilan defeats Raman in that match.

Surprised by Kabilan's fighting techniques, Rangan Vaathiyar decided to bring him as the boxer against Vembuli, but Kabilan was dissatisfied due to his mother's hatred for boxing sports. However Rose interrupts and asks Kabilan to defeat in that following match, for which he agreed. Rose who is also called as 'Dancing' Rose was known for his best footwork, whose movements is similar to dance. He was one of the talented boxers and defeated all key players. Kabilan manages to learn his movements and knocks him out within two rounds, much to the surprise of the audience as he was an undefeated boxer. Later Vembuli asks Kabilan to defeat him in the following match after the clan's victory and Kabilan accepted the offer. At the match day, Kabilan immediately gains the upper hand by pummelling Vembuli with heavy blows, but Thaniga sets henchmen to attack Kabilan and vandalise that match, as Vembuli teamed up with Thaniga to escape defeat and also to avenge Kabilan for Raman's defeat. Eventually, Rangan Vaathiyar was arrested as the DMK government was dismissed by the centre in 1976, following the emergency and other party members were also jailed following the MISA act.

Kabilan decided to quit boxing and planned to live a modest life with his mother and wife Mariyamma. But Rangan's son Vetri Selvan asked Kabilan to meet his father who was in prison, eventually the two meet Thaniga, who was responsible for the incident, and tried to attack him in the restaurant. In a fit of rage, Kabilan assaults Thaniga with a sword; though Thaniga survived the attack, Kabilan was imprisoned for six months following the assault. Vetri Selvan joined the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK), led by M. G. Ramachandran, following its split from DMK,[6] and with the help of that party supporter Maanja Kannan, employs Kabilan as his henchmen. The two also started the business of manufacturing illicit liquor, while Kabilan slowly addicted to alcoholism. Due to his behaviour, he and his wife left his house, after quarrelling with his mother, and started to live independently. Though he often fights with his wife due to alchoholism, they later reconcile each other.

Four years passed, Rangan was released from prison and saw the developments he faced during the time of his prison life. Kabilan, now overweight and despondent, happens to see a boxing tournament between Raman and Vembuli, where the former was severly defeated. But Vembuli gets questioned by Kabilan and Daddy, following the incidents of the boxing match, where he was almost defeated by Kabilan. Embarrassed by this, Vembuli challenges Kabilan to defeat him again. However, Rangan Vaathiyar was disappointed with that choice, seeing Kabilan's current situation, but the other members of that clan supported him. Kabilan was beaten massively by Raman during a sparring match, which led the other clan boxers mocking him. Kabilan was extremely disappointed with this, and wailed to Bakkiyam that night. But to his surprise, Bakkiyam, asked Kabilan to go for boxing, so he can redeem himself. The following day, Daddy sends Kabilan to Beedi Rayappan, a retired fisherman-boxer, to train him, as his mother's request. He successfully managed to reduce his weight, with Rayappan's guidance. On the match day, Kabilan gets blowed massively by Vembuli and left him injured badly. Rangan Vaathiyar shows up the match and motivates Kabilan. Kabilan knocks out Vembuli during the final round of the match, and with this the Sarpatta clan gained its victory after years of failure. The entire people celebrated Kabilan and the clan's victory.