Viruman (2022) Song Lyrics

விருமன் (2022) பாடல் வரிகள்

Viruman (2022)
Movie Name
Viruman (2022)
Movie Name (in Tamil)
Yuvan Shankar Raja
12 August 2022

Muniyandi is a narcissistic man who cares about his reputation and money, and who would go to any extent to get what he wants. His sister and Balu are in love with each other, which Muniyandi disapproves. Muniyandi's sister poisons herself and tells him that she will get married if he takes her to the hospital, but Muniyandi leaves her to die and also treats his wife Muthulakshmi poorly. Muthulakshmi finds out that her husband is having a affair, and Muniyandi tells her to put up with it. Because of the way Muniyandi treats her and her family, Muthulakshmi burns herself to death, which her young son Viruman witnesses. Enraged, Viruman chases his father with an aruva. When the court advises him not to kill Muniyandi, Viruman tells that he does not want to live with him and wants to be raised by his uncles Niraipandian and Balu.

Years later, tension and rivalry always grows between Viruman and Muniyandi, which bothers other people, specifically Viruman's brothers - Selvam, Muthukutty and Ilango. Out of respect, Viruman takes any criticism and disrespect from his brothers because he respects them. Meanwhile, Thaenmozhi "Theanu", who is Selvam's sister-in-law, praises Muniyandi due to the fact he is her sister's father-in-law and hates Viruman. However, Viruman is in love with her. When the family has a fight, she publicly defends Muniyandi. Meanwhile, Selvam needs a job and wants his father's help, which he rejects. Viruman helps him get a job with the help of MLA Pathinettaampadiyan, who forts a condition to sell his mother's land, which Viruman has always refused to sign for years but finally does so for the sake of his brothers. Thaenu realizes this and starts to reciprocate his feelings.

Their relationship is caught by Muniyandi, who starts to disrespect her and asks her to pay for the remaining dowry from her sister's marriage. While the whole village is getting involved with Selvam and Muniyandi, Viruman tells him to stop co-depending on his father as he has his own family to focus on. Selvam agrees and decides to live independently from his father. This enrages Muniyandi, who wants to fight Viruman, but Thaenu kisses Viruman, which shocks everyone. Muthukutty wants his father to sign for the auction for the restaurant, which his father rejects. His wife suggests to ask Viruman, which he is hesitant at first but later accepts. When Muniyandi finds out, he asks the village rogue Soonapaana, who slapped Muniyandi, to make Muthukutty lose the auction. When the auction happens, Viruman realizes that his father has hired Soonapaana and decides to trap him. He makes his gang chase him, and Viruman locks them up.

Muthukutty ends up getting the auction for the restaurant. Soonapaana and his gang arrive and disrespect the staff. When Soonapaana raises his hand and Muthukutty, it is stopped by Viruman and a fight ensues. Viruman beats up Soonapaana and his gang, which leads to them being at the hospital. Muniyandi is mad at them and brings sarees to imply that they are women. Angered, Soonapaana vows to get the son and father killed. While Viruman and Thaenu are on their date, they encounter Ilango with his girlfriend. She turns out to be Pathinettaampadiyan's daughter, and they have been dating for four years. Viruman asks him whether he told their father and he says no. Viruman comes up with a plan that Ilango should slap Viruman, which would make his father happy and proud of Ilango and then bring up his relationship. The plan is done.

Muniyandi accepts and says that he will ask Pathinettaampadiyan. However, Pathinettaampadiyan rejects the idea. When Viruman arrives, Pathinettaampadiyan reveals that he actually wanted Viruman's approval rather than Muniyandi's, which enrages Muniyandi. He says to cancel Ilango's marriage proposal but he reveals that he is done with his father and leaves. Meanwhile, Muniyandi's brother and his son decide to kill Viruman. His cousin lies to him saying they need his help to fix a marquee for a funeral. When he visits, a fight ensues. His father witnesses this, and Viruman knows it was not his father's idea because he would have arrived earlier. It turns out that his uncle wanted to kill Muniyandi and put the blame on Viruman because he wants his brother's money. Muniyandi arrives home and is mad at everyone for leaving him and faints, where he is sent to the hospital.

It turns out Muniyandi has kidney failure due to his alcoholism and needs a kidney donor. Viruman's paternal grandmother tells him that his father is in hospital. While at the hospital, he encounters another patient and reveals that he has raised good children and that though his children still love him, they have stopped talking to him. Muniyandi's kidney transplant is successful, and it turns out that Balu has donated his kidney to him. While everyone is asleep, he leaves to visit his wife's old home. While he is there, Soonapaana and his gang arrive and try to burn his house. Viruman arrives and starts to attack his gang, when he also realizes his father is there and saves him. Muniyandi tells Viruman to leave him there because he feels guilty for Muthulakshmi and his sister's death, and apologizes for his actions. Viruman forgives him, and they reconcile.