Adaikalam (2006) Song Lyrics

அடைக்கலம் (2006) பாடல் வரிகள்

Adaikalam (2006)
Movie Name
Adaikalam (2006)
Movie Name (in Tamil)
Prashanth, Uma
29 December 2006

Real life father and son Thiagarajan and Prashanth has done the father-son role in the film.
Anbu (Prashanth) is a doctor & also a lovable brother of Thamizh (Uma) who are the son & daughter of Kasthuri (Saranya Ponvannan). Somasundaram (Radharavi), uncle of Anbu who takes care of his sister & her family..

One day Anbu comes to know about his sister Thamizh’s love & arranges for the marriage. During wedding preparations unexpectedly Anbu's mother dies out of shock. Hence Somasundaram calls Anbu’s father Sathyamurthy (Thiagarajan) who was separated from Kasthuri long years back.. Anbu gets furious & argues with his uncle not to allow his heartless father to conduct the funeral & rituals.

Sathyamurthy gets snubbed by his daughter & son on many occasions repeatedly, unperturbed by their ill-treatment’s, he stays quietly with his family bearing this agony. As story moves on Sathyamurthy feels sad & shares his story to Somasundaram.
Somasundaram narrates the flash back to Anbu & Thamizh & make them to know about their father’s real story..

16 years back, Sathyamurthy & Kasthuri with their two children were living happily. When Kasthuri gets pregnant for the third time, Sathyamurthy request her to abort the baby on doctors advice. But Kasthuri was adamant to continue bearing the child, so she quarrels with her husband & leaves him abruptly & walks away with her kids Anbu & Thamizh & spends rest of her life with her brother.

After finishing the flash back Somasundaram says that all their financial needs & wants were fulfilled indirectly by Sathyamurthy from their childhood & for their education also. At last Anbu & Thamizh realizes the truth. Whether they both accept Sathyamurthy and unite or not is the climax.