Ananda Thandavam (2009) Song Lyrics

ஆனந்த தாண்டவம் (2009) பாடல் வரிகள்

Ananda Thandavam (2009)
Movie Name
Ananda Thandavam (2009)
Movie Name (in Tamil)
ஆனந்த தாண்டவம்
Siddharth Venugopal, Tamannaah, Rukmini Vijayakumar, Rishi
G. V. Prakash Kumar
10 April 2009

The film deals with the life of Raghu, whose mother died in childbirth. He grows up with plenty of affection from his father and grows into a quiet, sensible and a bit of a serious person. He is frustrated because he is unemployed, when he meets Madhumitha (Tammana Bhatia); a native character, she plays childish pranks and brings energy into his life.
Her parents also bring joy in Raghu's life as they accept who Raghu is and eventually, Raghu finds employment. Everything seems to go well when trouble comes in the form of Radha Krishnan (Rishi). He is a spoilt NRI boy and worst of all, Madhu agrees with her parents opinion and marries Radha. They both leave for the US while Raghu attempts to commit suicide. He escapes it narrowly and with further encouragement from his father and friends, leaves for US to study.
He meets Ratna (Rukmini Vijayakumar) and love slowly begins to blossom between them. One time, Raghu faces his ex-lover Madhumitha and discovers that her husband is a traitor to her and that she is unaware of it. He resolves to tell her the truth but Madhu is blinded against Radha's faults because of respect for him. She later discovers her husband in bed with another woman, but this just makes her situation worse because she had been under abuse.
One day, she escapes from Radha and goes to meet Raghu. Unfortunately for her, Raghu gets engaged to Ratna the very same day, and unable to bear any more sadness, ends up cutting her veins and begging Raghu to take her back. Ratna intervenes and Madhu asks for Raghu, Ratna is disgusted and complains to her family. They come and take Raghu away, leaving Madhu devastated, drunk and bleeding through her veins. Madhu then kills herself through careless driving.
At the airport, everyone is gathered and Madhu's parents are collecting the coffin with Madhu's body. Radha tries to lie to Madhu's parents that he was perfect to her in every way and cannot understand why this happened. In the meantime, Raghu arrives who had also come to see Madhu's body gets enraged and charges at him with a revolver finds out that it is locked. He is later soothed by Ratna.